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Shimmy Damper Workshop

How it all started

"It's not all rainbows out there, but when you put your faith and hardwork towards your dreams, something good is bound to happen." -SD

Have you ever been so enamored with a way of life that it takes your breath away? Well that's what it is like for me here at Shimmy Damper Workshop. I'm just a regular ole Jane with a lot of love for working with her hands, learning new things, and building a community around making. One day I decided to learn a skill to be nerdy with Cosplay and now, Id like nothing more than to create useful and nerdy goods and provide services to help you all.

Why SD Workshop?


My entire purpose is to find ways of bringing out the best in others. Whether its by providing useful tools so they can go about their day without worry or to create the durable and handsome Cosplay prop to adorn their badass getup at Conventions. 

You do you- my friend and if you need anything made, you let me know. 


“I cannot review this shop and product high enough! The case is sturdy and well tooled leather, the embossing is unique and I get lots of compliments on it! 10/10 Communication and shipping were smooth and had no problems. Will be buying another if / when I wear this one out!”- Leather pouch owner Joshua


“This is really cool...Like, really really cool.”- My husband, so I'm not sure if this testimonial counts.


“Really love the outcome of this purchase. Not only did it arrive faster than expected it came fully finished and the detail work is great. I am happy with the scale of the item compared to the actual piece from the game. Also, it's not super rigid so I can use it for my fight project without hurting anyone :)” - Prop Hunter knife owner James

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