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DIY Custom Whip Kit. This is a 3d printed kit that includes the necessary items to create a cool dark fantasy whip similar to Castlevania's Belmont family whip. Great for cosplay!  Good size for larger or small hands.

3d print of whip/mace head
3d print of top emblem
3d print pommel
1x metal chain to connect to emblem and whip end
3d print whip end
pvc pipe handle
Does not include leather, you will need to source that yourself.
Does not include eyelet metal loop for whip end

Safety- Please use all proper safety precautions with finishing the prop including but not limited to glues/adhesives, paints/fillers/primers, sanding/scraping/melting, etc. Wear a mask/gloves and open ventilation is suggested when using finishing products. Follow all manufacturers safety requirements. Attend children if assembling/painting the kit. Some parts are hard and spikey so don't hurt yourselves or others. Not meant to swing, more for display and holding. Do not use as a weapon to hurt or threaten anyone.

DIY Castlevania Belmont Whip 3D Print

SKU: CBM_002
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