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This is an accurate modeled and 3d printed helmet for the Second Sister from Fallen Order used by 501st members.
This kit includeds:
1x Helmet printed in parts (no visor)
2x pauldrons

2x chest insignias

2x wrist attachments

1x belt buckle

Basically all the 'hard surface' items for Trilla's cosplay


2-3weeks to print


All are printed with PLA filament at a higher level of detail that the user will need to assemble, prime, sand, and paint. Please note that the Helmet design is meant to have magnets placed in the small openings and on a visor they create, so that the user may take the helmet apart to put on their head. The game design doesn't allow for an adult head (21" round at eyebrow height) to fit very easily if it were all a single piece. Once it comes apart, its very easy to fit adult heads in with small pieces of cusion at the top to help with alignment. Its recommended NOT to glue the top and face parts into a single piece. Also suggested is to attach a visor that the user creates by magnets or only attach it to the top or face parts, but not both.

DIY Full Kit Trilla Helmet and other gear

SKU: 0006
$250.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price
  • General Safety: 
    Do not leave in hot areas as Filament could warp. Do not drop. Vents are built in so its suggested not to cover them fully to allow for good airflow. Do not put on head with fresh chemicals applied after painting, allow at least 24 hrs for paint to dry. Follow all product manufactures safety guidlines for painting, sanding, gluing, etc. Keep small pieces away from children. Only wear if you are strong in the dark side.

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