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Durable leather holder for medtronic minimed 670G, 630G, 770G, 530G made to order.

This will solve the problem of faulty plastic clips breaking while also protecting your lifechanging pump in style. This level of product allows for a custom stamp to be designed and created and pressed on to the front of the leather pouch as seen in the images. 


Customer input is needed for stamps and for international shipping.


Processes takes about 2-3 to wet mold, sew, stamp design, and dye (should you choose). Then it will be shipped. 



US Domestic is Free

International (some restrictions apply) will have a shipping price added after contact has been established.


As with all natural materials leather can have slight imperfections as it is a hide. Not to worry, this is perfectly normal and each hide is reviewed and selected for the best fit and look we can provide. Overtime and use, will darken leather.  If you have any questions please send our shop a message.

Custom stamp leather Insulin pouch 770G

SKU: 0005
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